About Us

Cupa NewspaceNewspace.info is your trusted source for commercial renovation and construction in Tallahassee as well as architectural and space planning services throughout Florida. We are commercial renovators -- we convert existing buildings into new spaces for your business.

3D Design Tools Bring Your Ideas to Life

Come to us with an idea, your plans, or without a clue. With our software platform, we can virtually take you to the renovated space and tell you what it costs before you even remove the virtual headset.

Fast Permit Acquisition and Project Assessments

We are your single source for permits, documentation, and services needed for the construction side of your project. Our in-house architectural and interior design departments resolve feasibility studies, conceptual designs, and building assessments faster and more accurately than all local competitors who outsource these requests.

Responsive Bidding and Accurate Estimates

Our in-house construction departments produce detailed estimates for our plans or those prepared by others with astonishing speed and accuracy. Reports are accompanied by time- and cost-saving suggestions, moving your project along in a timely manner.

Easy Leasing and Floor Planning

Count on us to help you update your property for leasing and to also put together the lease documentation. We have become specialists in helping owners respond to lease requests, converting tenants’ invitations for bids into detailed cost estimates and test fits within days of receipt. We can partner with architects or building contractors for any or all the services required to take a project from a bid invitation to post occupancy warranty close-out. Government lease requests have become one of our specialties, as we have turnkey development packages for these projects.