Building Permits in Tallahassee, FL

plansWhen you’re updating your facility, the last thing you want is a building permit holding you up. No one can control the governmental process, but we at would argue that we comply faster than any other local or remote group of architects and general contractors when the situation warrants it.

Count on us to help you secure permits in Tallahassee and throughout Florida. Our five-day, fast-track program involves an online permitting system with the authorities having jurisdiction at our office in Tallahassee. We stay on top of the construction permit application process and push it as fast as the budget allows. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, you can count on us for knowledgeable service that keeps your project moving.

Expect a Streamlines Permit Acquisition Process

For commercial renovation projects, we generally produce a test fit, an estimate, a contract, and begin demolition on the project within the first five days of our initial meeting. As the demolition work progresses, the permit is expedited through the channels by our permitting specialist. We keep the lines of communication open, so you can always stay abreast about the progress of your project.

Depend on us to secure your construction permits with ease. Contact us to schedule a consultation.