Thomas Jordan is the owner of newspace.info and boasts more than 30 years in the Florida construction industry. His career began as an apprentice with the Mennonites in South Florida to become a carpenter. Under their tutelage, he was taught a strong work ethic that demanded superb craftsmanship and material frugality.

The lagging 1980 economy was the worst of times for the construction industry. By combining scholarships and G.I. Bill money, Thomas went to A&M where his combined skills were quickly engaged by a progressive award-winning design firm.

A tool belt fit him better than a silk tie, so the firm he worked for used him as a construction liaison to interact with field personnel. Explaining the architect’s design intent in the field went from a joke to a skill and then a specialty, and is now a separate business. During the next local economic downturn, Thomas served as a community assistance consultant for the Florida Board of Building Codes and Standards.

Thomas speaks expedited permit language fluently, and will help you complete your commercial project quickly and to the highest standards.

RYAN JORDAN, V.P.: Estimator

By age four, Ryan knew the difference between batt insulation and cotton candy.
~Quote from Uncle Rich

Ryan grew up in the construction industry, starting professionally doing cleanup and punch list work as a teen. Now, he has become an expert in interior renovation. He is a joy to work with on projects. He treats you more like a concierge than a project manager.

Ryan was home schooled as a child, giving him plenty of early afternoon hours to work for his father and “Uncle Rich” who treated him no different than any other worker. Ryan’s quiet and gentle spirit makes him a promising corporate asset for many reasons. He interacts positively and effectively with tenants, owners, vendors, and suppliers, and heads off problems long before anyone even sees them as potential problems.

As our estimator, he has mastered Sage estimating, Sage Construction Management Software, SharePoint, and is implementing virtual reality to estimating integration for our company. As a second-generation construction family member, he brings new life, energy, and ideas to the team. He can smoothly operate all the heavy equipment newspace.info owns or leases. He is a cattleman, a gourmet cook, and personifies the Renaissance man.

Ryan lives on a 120-acre farm with his wife Kellie, who loves animals (and can hook you up with vaccinated-ready pets to adopt free of charge. “Please take them,” says Ryan). Kellie is a veterinarian technician.

Sheryl Owens, ASID

Sheryl is a gifted interior designer who does not stop until she has the perfect solution for a space. She amazes us each time she undertakes a space plan. She is instrumental when getting projects organized for our clients, making the interior and other important systems work as smoothly as possible.

Steve Berdershaw: Field Coordinator

If there is an aspect of commercial renovation and execution techniques that Steve does not know about, we haven't found it.

His coordination abilities and unique skill sets keep the field moving, the vendors profitable and happy, and adjacent tenants unaware that construction is even taking place around them. His ability to convert "what if" questions from designers into "here is how" statements makes him an integral part of field operations.

Chris Baranek: Permitting Specialist and IT Coordinator

Chris is our tech guy, moving us forward in the technological environment. Chris ensures that no developing tech problem will ever limit our abilities or our team, keeping our clients informed of their projects statuses.

Your commercial construction project is in good hands with our team. Contact us and schedule a consultation.